== TRI-KIT R1.2 ==
(Jan 2006 - Dec 2006)

A slight revision of Gixxer Alarm (under $80)

TRI-KIT is a revision of my "concept" Gixxer Alarm system I built in Jan 2005. This design has all the features that I omitted in Gixxer Alarm, but wanted.

This alarm system (like the old one) is a 3 sensor system-- Two mercury switches (X and Y planes) and battery voltage monitor (ie: tamper detection). The mercury switches detect when a person sits on, moves, lifts the bike etc.. The voltage sensor monitors when the bike is started up, or if the alarm is disconnected from the bikes battery (ie: power cable cut).

This unit knows how to dial a Nokia 51xx/61xx mobile phone via it's MBUS interface. The alarm will ring you when the alarm is triggered. You store your number in the mobile's phonebook under the label "TRIKIT". During arment initialisation, the unit will look in the mobile's phonebook for TRIKIT and use that number to dial.

When the alarm is triggered, it will tell the mobile phone to ring the TRIKIT number (if phone is installed). Six seconds after triggering, the alarm will switch on the 120db alarm for 1 minute (This alarm is basically what you get in buildings -- yeah, it's f@&^%kin' loud).

The electrical system runs on a 8.4V, 200mA/h NI-MH battery. The logic runs at 2.8V using an Amtel MEGA8L. At 120mA/h's, the uptime of the unit (armed mode) is approximately 40 hours; more than adequate for my needs. This unit also has a power down feature that switches off unused circuitry. This feature conserves power and extends uptime. Below is a demonstration video:

The system has been designed to be minimally intrusive to the bike's electrical system; Only a battery connection is needed. TRI-KIT does not immobilise the bike's engine. Due to requests, it is something I will look into. However, a mobilisation feature makes design intruisive (and hence more complicated) and my theory is that if you can not get to your bike quick enough to halt a theft (2 minutes IMO), then you are screwed anyway. Most thefts in Australia involve two or three big blokes lifting the bike into a van/ute. This is now my bike got stolen in 2002, and it's the theory I use for my design.

Postscript 2007:At the time of this writing, 3 units have been built for people (including myself). Last year, somebody tried to move my bike at Mallala Raceway. I was notified and I went to my bike with 2 large friends in tow. t was a successful test ;)

16 Aug 2020:14 years later and I am still using my unit (Serial No 3). It served my KTM 990 Superduke and now my KTM 990 SMT. Apart from a perished battery, the unit has been 100% reliable. I pulled it apart about 4 years ago to replace the battery. It looked brand new inside.