Microcontrolled/Electronic Applications

This page is dedicated to my electronic and micro controller projects. At the start of my career in the early 90s, I was a software developer (or computer programmer as it was called back then). After 10 years in this profession, the job market had become saturated. I decided the last thing the world needed was another software developer. So I removed myself from the software talent pool in the early 2000s to become a dedicated hardware man. So here is where I am now. The following is a list of finished projects:

LA51 0.1 - A 8051 assembler (1999)
Datamini R0 - A 8051 based DEC V52 terminal (1999)
Onhold R2 - A 8051 based CDROM player (2000)
Instruction Fetcher - TAFE assessment (2004)
Gixxer Alarm R0 - Motorcycle security alarm < $30 (2005)
TRI-KIT R1 - The Gixxer Alarm revision < $80 (2006)
PAF R0 - The Pipe Anti Freeze device (2007)
ARM7 Led Blinky (2007)
AWM Rev0 - Acoustic wind meter (2009)
Video Splitter (2011)
Thomo Esky - Electric Motor Controller (2014)
R15 Digital Randomiser (2018)