Video Splitter (May 2011)

This device is an active splitter I designed and built. It takes PAL/NTSC signal and creates three buffered outputs. I made this for my home CCTV security system.

This is my first electronics project that has a fabricated PCB. The fabrication method I chose was PulsarProFX Fab-in a-Box toner transfer method and Brayer etching method. I chose these methods because of the few chemicals needed, as well as the low quantities of those chemicals required (ie: The Brayer Method's teaspoon of ferric chloride etchant for example). My first builds using these methods were fairly sketchy, but as my manufacturing techniques improved over a period of a year, I could get down to 10mil tracks. I've been using these methods for about 10 years now. Sure, these methods aren't good as traditional exposure methods, but I think these methods are fantastic for circuit frequencies up to UHF, with minimal environmental impact.