== FunktrackerGOLD 1.5-2 ==
(Feb 96 - Jun 98) Status: No longer maintained

FunktrackerGOLD is a port of the DOS32 Funktracker 1.08d editor (See MSDOS days page). It was ported late 1995.

Written in C, FunktrackerGOLD is used to compose digital audio music through /dev/dsp (OSS) DAC output device (the sound card interface on early Linux kernel versions). As far as I know, this program was the first music module tracker written for the Linux/Unix environment.

Local: The last stable version (funktrackergold-1.5-2.tgz)
Local: An untested update (funktrackergold-1.5-3_NOT_TESTED_FULLY.tar.bz2)