Old Software Projects

Below are projects developed before 2003. I am no longer a software developer; it's conquered !. Due to instances of plagiarism, I stopped releasing my projects. Some software is available on this site. Others may still be on old open source ftp sites.

Linux Application Developments

FunktrackerGOLD 1.5-2 : Funk Module music tracker
Clobberd 4.17 : An ISP tool used to monitor users on a terminal server
Nighthawk 4.0 : A Linux/OS/X arcade game based on a Commodore 64 game called Paradroid
Small Precludes : A small collection of OpenGL Demos
etg Rev 0 : Measures Ethernet network saturation
sailplay Rev 11 : GPS data to moving map converter
utk : Internet Usage Tracker (Qt)
nmea2png Rev 2 : GPS data to png picture converter

Application Developments at Arafura Connect Pty Ltd

The following is a list of ex-commercial software projects I developed as a software developer at Arafura Connect between 2000 and 2003. Most of this software is now Open Source and is available on the web.

iptrk R17 : A promiscuous IPv4 packet tracker for networks.
fang R22 : An internal job tracking program.
jigg R1 : A Web (Squid) proxy mezzanine that compresses (transfer encodes) HTTP messages and pre-downloads links of received HTML pages ("look ahead"). By making HTTP connections more intelligent, it will speed up web access. This is largely experimental.

Android App Developments

Rigging Reckoner : Windsurfing Android App

MSDOS Developments

MSDOS Days : (Pre-1996. "Way way back..")