Rigging Reckoner (Android phone app)
(Oct 16 to Jan 17) Status: 80% complete then abandoned

Just to prove that I'm not a crusty old relic from the early 90s, this is my first (and only) Android application I wrote.

During 2015, I Windsurfing buddy of my mine hounded me to write an Android phone application that would track rigging settings for Windsurfing gear per session. This guy was full on. It was before I owned an Android phone.

A year later in Sep 2017, I finally dragged myself kicking and screaming into the smart phone age, and brought an Android phone. It wasn't long before I downloaded the Android apk, and got to work. I working on it on and off, between work, between sailing and other important stuff (I'm a slow developer now days).

Years of experience as a programmer has taught me that end users change their mind. I got to about 70% complete - enough to demonstrate the application. I showed my Windsurfing buddy the app, and he was no longer interested. He couldn't even be bothered using the application on my phone let alone installing it on his. I then, tried to drum up interest on the seabreeze.com.au site and got the same plastic expressions. LOL, Oh well. I didn't need this app myself, so project became abandoned.

A lesson learnt here kids: If a friend or relative asks you to develop some software for their benefit and not yours, ask them to front up some coin. None-the-less, it was a good exercise to re-learn Java and a brand new operating system and API. This old dog can learn a few new tricks :). More pics below: