(Nov 09 - Apr 17) Revision 11, Status: Complete

This program parses NMEA0183 data from a GPS data logger (in my case, the Genie GT-31 and GW60), and replays the sailboarder being logged on a 3D moving map. The end result is either a Y4M video file, that is ready to be converted to a movie file (MPEG, AVI etc). Optionally, the user can take screenshots.

The process of video creation is two stage. The first stage allows the user to manipulate the view. The software records user keyboard inputs and view position. The 2nd stage plays back the view position and user inputs and produces the Y4M video file. From there, MJPEGtools are used to convert the Y4M file to an MPEG file.

Screenshots can be taken during the first phase, which are saved as PPM files. These files can be converted to popular formats (JPG, PNG, GIF) using paint programs (ie: GIMP, KolourPaint, xv etc).

Even though Sailplay is orientated to speed sailing, the participant objects can be made to look like motorcycles, bicycles, or an arrow.

Sailplay can playback multiple participants, and will accept multiple NMEA0183 files (one for each participant). See vimeo video below for demonstration:

This project was never released. I tried to inspire interest on a water sport forum called seabreeze.com.au a couple of times over the years (namely the Windsurfing section, as I'm a Windsurfer). The response was excellent, however these guys - well, ummm.. not to be rude about it - are a bunch of hairy bummed surfers. Concepts like ./configure; make install are alien. I emailed one of the seabreeze admins a copy once (also a linux user and Windsurfer). He compiled it and got errors and that was as far as the sailplay distribution went LOL.

Back in 2009 when I got my first GPS logger and developed this software, the concept of moving google maps was brand new. Now days, there is ka72 and I use ka72 rather than my own software for convenience.